35th World Conference Athens

September 7, 2006

110 delegates and 40 companions are looking forward to attending the conference themed Building Tomorrows Kreston.

The sessions this year are devoted to improving practice management and performance. As well as Member business sessions, we have also engaged two outstanding facilitators, Gordon Gilchrist from 2020 Innovation and Sue Tonks from Synergy Consulting
Gordon, a leading consultant to accounting firms, will talk on “Success assures Succession”. His programme, includes break-out work sessions, and will demonstrate how successful practices create time for development of their firm and how different structures of a practice can impact on profitability.
Sue Tonks is a national and international speaker on “Effective Networking” with 16 years experience as a trainer and presenter. Maximising the benefits from networking is consistently among the top strategies for ambitious professional practices firms looking to achieve sustained market growth.
Gary Smith from Nexus Open Systems will present the new Kreston Global Portal, highlighting ways in which all member firms and staff can communicate more effectively with each other and share best practice which in turn will provide higher quality services and help attract new quality multi-national clients.

All delegates and companions will also take part in a social programme highlighting cultural aspects of Athens on what we hope will prove to be a very successful event.