Client success stories

Peschaud, France, Mozambique

Sector: Manufacturing & Automotive

Peschaud International specialises in oilfield logistics services in extreme conditions and environments (rivers, lagoons, deserts, swamps). Specialising in rig moves since 1956, Peschaud International is providing its added value in all regions where climatic or geographic conditions make prospecting particularly difficult to operate. The company aims to provide all-inclusive solutions, including a qualified workforce and specialized equipment to resolve all transport, lifting, handling and lodging matters in remote areas.

Peschaud has operated for over 70 years in African countries such as Gabon, Yemen, Madagascar, Sudan, and other difficult areas such as Chad, Congo, Myanmar, Tanzania, and also in the U.A.E. Peschaud owns a large fleet of floating equipment such as crew boats, landing crafts, barges, and a large fleet of onshore logistics equipment across the African continent. Most recently, Peschaud International created a Maritime entity specialising in offshore solutions and has acquired a shipyard in South Africa “Via Maris” where vessels are being internally designed, built and operated.

Kreston provides audit services for Peschaud through our French firm, Kreston Groupe Conseil Union, in Paris, led by Ali Smaili, and for its two subsidiaries in Mozambique which also require statutory auditing of their Financial Statements. Kreston Mozambique was invited to submit a proposal to audit the two subsidiaries – Peschaud Mozambique and Sociedade Moçambina de Cabotagem “SMC vi” our French firm, which was successful – we now also handle their corporate tax matters.

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