About us

Who we are

Kreston Global is a network of 27,000+ people in 160 independent accounting firms across more than 114 countries. Founded over 50 years ago, our aim remains to help businesses and people succeed internationally. 

When you need professional support, you need a proactive business adviser who not only knows how to navigate regulation, tax regimes, reporting and compliance requirements – but gives valuable insights into improving your business.

We build trust and confidence as part of a long-term business partnership. When it comes to the decisions that will shape your future – you need someone who understands you. A friend.

As new markets develop and technology evolves, your business can operate on an increasingly global scale. When you’re branching out into the unknown, local knowledge can give you that competitive edge to get set up and operate quickly. 

All our members know their local regulations and customs inside out. Combine that with their solid reputation and enviable contact book and there’s no doubt that we give your business a competitive edge. 

Our approach

Each Kreston Global member is an independent practice with sole responsibility for its own work, staff and clients. We all hold the same values which is why clients know they’ll get the same exceptional level of service wherever they meet us.

Whatever your challenge, a Kreston Global member will be on hand to provide expert support. And if we come across something we don’t know, we’ll find and work with a specialist who does.

We value the relationships we’ve forged across our network. Modern accountancy means you need 24-hour global coverage – we can take the pressure off you as you negotiate cultures, regulatory regimes and different business environments.

Forum of Firms

Kreston Global is a member of the Forum of Firms. The forum is an association of international networks of accounting firms. Its goal is to promote consistent and high-quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide. 

Our history

Kreston was formed in 1971 by two entrepreneurs, Dr Gabriel Brösztl of German accountancy firm BANSBACH, and Michael Ross, who then was a partner of the UK accountancy firm,  Finnie & Co. They set Kreston up to allow independent, more entrepreneurial firms to access a global network and compete against the larger firms that were starting to consolidate. The two founders were keen to offer an alternative to the increasing dominance of these larger players and a natural fit for mid-sized organisations making their first steps into the international arena.

We remain true to our founders’ values of providing responsive, empathetic and personal support for mid-sized entrepreneurial businesses and individuals to expand overseas. 

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International standards

Kreston Global member firms comply with the professional standards appropriate to their respective countries and adhere to the following international standards:

  • International Standards on Quality Control
  • International Standards on Auditing for the conduct of transnational audits
  • Code of ethics as issued by the IESBA

A globally coordinated quality monitoring and review programme supports member firms in the maintenance
of these standards.

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Wherever in the world you meet us, we guarantee the same exceptional level of service.