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Trusts Senior

Location: London

Closing date: 01/10/2021

1. Job Purpose: 
To implement allocated trust, estates and probate work to required standards, with  work completed on
time, and within budget.
Job tasks are the same as Semi Senior level but carried out with more experience & confidence.  More
initiative and self-management are needed based on experience in previous years. 
2. Scope/Reach & Key Relationships 
• All those involved in delivery of trust work
• Partners and employees who are owners or key stakeholders of compliance clients and job
specific trust, estate and probate work
• Relevant clients and their contacts
• Supervision of Trust Semi Senior and Assistants
• Government bodies and external organisations such as HMRC and the Trust Registration
3. Principal Accountabilities / Responsibilities: 
Job/Workflow & Technical Management
• Successful preparation of all relevant client trust, estates and& probate work (generally returns
and accounts) and ensure self-review of common errors
• Monitor work progress on allocated tasks and update job workflow
• Be aware of budget and notify more senior team member if a task is taking longer than
• Ensure full implementation of all client trust work in line with agreed budget ensuring
adherence to ‘The KR Way standards of performance’ document, with completed work ready
for review and sign off in line with the review process
• Monitor work progress and ensure appropriate levels of communication with all clients and 
internal stakeholders on progress for each key task or phase  
• Be aware of budget and notify more senior team member if a task is taking longer than
• Assist with administrative tasks, eg running WIP reports, returning client papers, etc
• Application of learnings from one piece of work to the next 
• Identify where internal procedures/systems could be more efficient, relay this to more senior
colleagues and assist with implementing changes 
• Developing trust, estate and probate tax technical skills and keeping up to date through
training courses, appropriate research and identification of changes in legislation, HMRC
policy and as a result of cases.
• Take proactive steps to seek out tax advisory work from allocated trust, estate and probate
• Ensure registration of all trust with the TRS (new and existing renewals) including appropriate 
client ID documents 
• Meet CRS/FATCA reporting and IHT reporting obligations 

Client, Internal and External Organisational Contact
● Act as a key and sustained point of contact for clients
● Act as a key and sustained point of contact in Audit, Accounts SLs, etc so as to act on all their
trust, estate and probate requirements
● Drafting of key client communication by email or letter (where email is not appropriate)
● Contact with HMRC by phone or email as part of management of client returns and affairs
● Return phone calls and written correspondence to all of the above within required deadline
subject to a senior team member’s instruction and ensure promises are kept,
● Subsequently, communicate any delay or other issue which could impact your ability to meet
your contact’s expectations 
● Advise clients re Trust wind up, income distributions and management of tax payments

 Leadership, People Management and Development
● Supervise and support Semi Seniors and Assistants who are involved in production and
delivery of trust, estates or probate work
● Ensure clear task plans and milestones for each piece of trust work
● Provide feedback to all team members involved in specific trust work on adherence to
standards, errors, learnings and opportunity for value add
● Support the training of others in the firm on CCH software where required 
● Support the training of others in the firm in areas of change in tax compliance process and
● Assist in the general technical development of Trust Semi Senior and Assistants  

New Business Development
● Support the trust team in delivering the required departmental incremental fee target via
networking, meeting attendance, business pitches and presenting at webinars or seminars
● Engage curiously with client contacts to identify future compliance and advisory needs and
introduce other trust, estate and probate team members and other SLs where appropriate 
4. Values – Demonstrates ‘living’ of the company’s values. 
● Understand – Be curious, ask more and listen. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
● Look Ahead – Anticipate the future, plan for it, and embrace the benefits of change.
● Make it Personal – Adapt to others’ needs, flex your style to get the best outcome for every
● Be Crystal Clear – Consult others, give helpful feedback; ensure people know what’s going
on, and how it impacts on them. 
● Be Human – Invest time in building strong relationships, have a positive ‘can do’ attitude and
help others to grow. 

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