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Ist Kreston European VAT Conference

October 16, 2007

Hosting the event was Reeves & Neylan. The conference started with a pre conference Dinner with the meeting commencing the next day. Items on the agenda included Vat Questionnaire Results and a VAT Kreston Portal Demonstration

Kreston Chairman, Clive Stevens, addressed the group later in the day and welcomed eveyone to the venue for the first conference of its kind. Also in attendance was Executive Director of Kreston International, Jon Lisby.

Chairman of the Kreston VAT Group, Greg Mayne, later discussed the importance of the Kreston brand when selling the services of the group.

Early indications show the Conference was a resounding success, so it is hoped that a member will volunteer to host the 2nd conference at the end of September 2008.

Thanks to the Kreston members who attended. Representatives took part from 10 countries ( Netherlands, UK, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Germany, Ireland and Denmark)

Many thanks to Greg and all at Reeves & Neylan and the International Office for the organisation of this event.