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Luxembourg firm joins Kreston Global network

Kreston Global has today welcomed Luxembourg firm Global Osiris Audit & Expertise to the Kreston Global network.

Kreston Global announces new Singapore firm

Kreston Global has today welcomed Singapore firm, Helmi Talib LLP (rebranded to Kreston Helmi Talib), to the network.  

shipping disruptions affecting global supply chains
Shipping disruptions affecting global supply chains

Theo Theodoulou, Kreston Global Audit Group Chair, explores the ramifications of shipping disruptions on businesses with AAT Magazine.

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Double taxation treaty

The importance of double taxation treaties

Double taxation of income and capital would add a significant challenge for taxpayers navigating the complexities of global commerce.

group audit

A focus on group audits

Group audits have become a focus of standard setting and regulatory bodies based on the potential risks arising from deficient oversight, communications and risk assessment.

Investment opportunities in Latin America

Investment opportunities in Latin America

Investment opportunities in Latin America have developed rapidly over the last few years, with private financing opportunities in the sustainable energy sector becoming a focus over the next few years.

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GATE, Slovakia
Ministry of Healthcare, Slovakia
Ministry of Healthcare, Slovakia

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