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How quickly can I set up a business?

2 – 7 days

What is the minimum investment needed?

There is no limitation. You can start with whatever capital is appropriate for your business. Sometimes the required type of registered company has a minimum required capital.

How can I raise finance?
  • Raising capital
  • Bank Loan

You can finance fixed assets, trading purchases and operation.

What are the legal requirements for setting up my business?
Type of legal registration:
  • Limited liability company
  • Private shareholding company
  • Public shareholding company
Type of legal activity:
  • Working company
  • Exempt company
  • Foreign working company
  • Foreign working company
  • Representative office
  • Free zone company.
  • Development zone company
  • Private economy zone company (Aqaba city)
What advice can you give me in regards to payroll and taxation requirements?
  • Aqaba city: development zones and free zones are good for business targeting markets outside Jordan.
  • Amman city is good for business targeting the Jordanian market,
Requirements for HR and tax:
  • All companies need a HR representative and to be authorized in front of a Social Security establishment.

All companies need an authorized person to represent them in front of the Tax department. They should be certified by tax department.

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