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Tax structuring for multinationals

Tax structuring for multinationals, businesses with operations in two or more countries, can fall within a wide variety of complex laws, reporting and filing requirements.

It is vital for multinationals to constantly consider a variety of ever-evolving potential pitfalls, such as double taxation and anti-avoidance, all while remaining compliant with the tax laws in force in each country in which the business operates.

International tax planning

Due to this, international tax planning and structuring for multinationals is often an extremely complex area, and remains a major challenge for many businesses operating, or looking to operate, on an international scale. For example, in a multinational group, it needs to be determined which country has taxing rights, how profits are allocated, how any double tax is eliminated and how disputes are resolved.

Innovative tax structuring solutions for multinationals

Tax structuring, often covering multiple jurisdictions, requires strategic and innovative solutions. The Kreston Global network has the resources, experience and local competencies to help businesses with a wide variety of specific cross-border needs.

Why choose Kreston Global?

Our dedicated network of tax professionals can provide specialist advice on regulatory compliance and tax structuring and planning. The Kreston Global network is able to provide advice on a wide range of international tax matters. We work with, and continue to support, many businesses of varying sizes and structures internationally in achieving their business aims.

By choosing Kreston Global, you will experience a streamlined and efficient approach to your business requirements, with the ability to utilise our international team of tax advisors to provide key solutions which have been considered from all tax jurisdiction perspectives.

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