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Tax planning for entrepreneurs

Tax planning services for ambitious entrepreneurs wanting to grow their businesses are vital as is getting the right tax support and guidance to help you succeed. Kreston Global has a strong track record of helping businesses throughout their life cycle, from start-up to exit. Focussing not just on the tax aspects of the business, but also on the tax affairs of other stakeholders, such as the business owners and employees.

Tax efficient financial structures

Today many entrepreneurial businesses look beyond their own country borders –to access suppliers, talented labour, or larger markets. Any cross-border activity will inevitably expose businesses to the tax laws of foreign jurisdictions. Kreston Global has tax professionals in 115 countries to give you proactive and pragmatic advice, not only to reduce your business risk but also to structure your financial affairs in the most efficient way.

Tax planning service for entrepreneurs

• Advising on tax-efficient business structures – getting it right from the start is usually more cost-effective than changing things later
• Helping you access any in-country tax incentives available
• Highlighting the availability of tax incentives and other grants available to your business. For example, some countries offer incentives relating to employment and many will subsidise R&D activities
• Advising on tax relief relating to capital expenditure – how the business can qualify and ensure savings are achieved on a timely basis
• Tax-efficient profit extraction strategies for business owners
• Structuring tax-efficient remuneration for your employees
• Implementation of employee share incentives
• International and cross-border tax matters
• Structuring business acquisitions in a tax-efficient manner – either in the home country territory or an overseas business.
• Advising on the tax issues relating to Private Equity Investments
• Structuring tax-efficient business exits – for the business or the business owner

Why choose Kreston Global?

Entrepreneurial and owner-managed businesses are key to us. We understand them and have the expertise to help.

Our network of 160 accounting firms across more than 115 countries gives us an impressive depth of expertise upon which to call. It means that as an entrepreneur you benefit from tax planning services that are underpinned by 25, 000 experts.

If you’d like to find out more about our tax planning for entrepreneurs service, get in touch by phone or email. You can also become a member and realise the full benefits of our global network.

Client success stories

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Kreston SNR leads the way in India

The entire world is working towards various solutions to avert the crisis that could, one day cost us all of human existence, even: Climate Change. At COP 26, held in November 2021, there was consensus on many action points that were proposed.


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The DMC Group’s main business is the manufacture and distribution of yarn and embroidery products. Kreston Global UK member firm, Kreston Reeves, supports British firm Lion Cashmere Midco.