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group audit

A focus on group audits

Group audits have become a focus of standard setting and regulatory bodies based on the potential risks arising from deficient oversight, communications and risk assessment.

Investment opportunities in Latin America

Investment opportunities in Latin America

Investment opportunities in Latin America have developed rapidly over the last few years, with private financing opportunities in the sustainable energy sector becoming a focus over the next few years.

setting up a business in Mexico

Setting up a business in Mexico

Enrique Pastor, Tax and Business Processes Partner at Kreston FLS in Mexico City shares his experience in setting up businesses in Mexico for the last two decades.

Ecuador Investment Contract

Ecuador Investment Contract

Germán Moya, Tax Manager at Kreston Ecuador, explores the significance of Ecuador’s Investment Contract, a tax incentive for Foreign Direct Investment.

Tax reform in Brazil

Tax reform in Brazil: Impact on businesses

Tax reform in Brazil is rapidly advancing, posing challenges for the business industry in Latin America due to swift regulatory changes.

Investing in Brazil

Investing in Brazil: Beating analyst’s expectations

Investing in Brazil shows economic growth, driven by market reform and ESG, attracting international and local business optimism.

ESG in Brazil

ESG in Brazil: Carbon market to transfer pricing challenges

Discussions about ESG strategies have increased on a global scale, with ESG in Brazil actively developing its own initiatives.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

How Robotic Process Automation could transform workplaces

Explore how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can transform workplaces, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and fostering innovation.

Biodiversity standards

Biodiversity standard of GRI gets an update

The GRI has published a biodiversity standard update to help Corporates provide information and analysis on the biodiversity impacts.

Investing in Peru

Investing in Peru: Factors increasing Foreign Direct Investment

Martín Quevedo discusses investing in Peru, and explains the factors influencing the increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Investing in Puerto Rico

Investing in Puerto Rico: Low tax jurisdiction for investors

Investing in Puerto Rico becomes a strategic opportunity with an 11% GDP surge, U.S. constitutional benefits, and tax incentives.

investing in Argentina

Investing in Argentina: The next gold rush for overseas investors?

Investing in Argentina may be closer than you think. Yet foreign direct investment increased 122.5% in 2022, explore why with Ricardo Gameroff.