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IPO window

How to prepare your company for the IPO window

The initial public offering (IPO) window offers a pivotal opportunity for companies aiming to go public. Gary Klintworth, (a Senior Managing Director at CBIZ), outlines essential steps to ensure your company is well-prepared for the IPO window.

ESG Update in North America

ESG update in the United States

Experts in our ESG committee assess the development of ESG in North America, examining how it's changing doing business in the region in 2024.

EU Sustainability regulations

EU Sustainability Regulations

Július Činčala and Zuzana Sidorová, Kreston Slovakia, shed light on doing business in a country focusing on EU Sustainability regulations.

Investing in the United Kingdom

Investing in the United Kingdom

Sharon Omer-Kaye, a partner at James Cowper Kreston, shares insights on the challenges and opportunities for investing in the United Kingdom.

Investing in Romania

Investing in Romania

Eduard Pavel, Kreston Romania, sheds light on the economic trends, investment climate, and the opportunities for investing in Romania.

Investing in Albania

Investing in Albania

Rezar Llukaçej from Kreston Albania provides insight on Investing in Albania and establishes the groundwork for Albania's EU accession.

The impact of outsourcing on transfer pricing in Eastern Europe

Kreston Global expert Biljana Sparavalo explains the impact outsourcing can have on transfer pricing in Eastern Europe.

Investing in Sweden

Investing in Sweden

Learn more from our expert Erika Larsdotter Hed about investing in Sweden, home to two of the top 20 safest global banks.

investing in Portugal

Investing in Portugal

Investing in Portugal is on the rise, particularly in Lisbon, which offers a mix of economic promise and a conducive regulatory landscape.

investing in Italy

Investing in Italy

Claudio Legnazzi, a Partner at Legnazzi & Partners explores the current state of investing in Italy and prospects for 2024.

Nearshoring Europe

Nearshoring in Europe: Protecting value chains

Martin Bonner, partner at AREA Bollenberger in Austria, shares his insights into the trends, challenges, and recommendations shaping the world of transfer pricing and cross-border operations.

investing in Spain

Investing in Spain

Elena Ramírez Marín, partner at Kreston Iberaudit discusses the surging interest in investing in Spain during 2023 and the outlook for 2024.