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The International Entrepreneur Podcast

The International Entrepreneur Podcast

We have a brand new episode – and brand new guests to go with it – from our podcast, The International Entrepreneur

Vietnam Tax Guide

One-Page Vietnam Tax Guide for Companies and Individuals


Audit and technology: the benefits and risks

Auditors increasingly rely on corporate IT applications to gather reliable data and test internal systems. This comes with both risks and benefits.


Kreston Global firms discuss sustainability commitments

The IAB has just published their ESG supplement, with commentary from Kreston firms Kreston ACA Pac, Kreston ITH, Kreston Reeves and Kreston SNR about their ESG and sustainability plans and policies.

Transfer Pricing in Cambodia

Transfer Pricing in Cambodia

Currently, the most key issue is transfer pricing risks. Those risks are mitigated through understanding, planning, and compliance with tax regulations.

Expat finances, taxation and culture in New Zealand

Moving To Expatland: The Journey To Auckland

In this episode of Moving to Expatland podcast series, John Marcarian hosts Cameron McGregor, Director of MGB Advisory. With his lifelong experience in chartered accounting, Cameron McGregor shares professional advice regarding pre-migration and tax challenges, while also giving us a glimpse of New Zealand life in various aspects.

digital security against cyber threats

How to improve digital security against cyber threats

In 2021, technology companies were alarmed by the cyberattack on the IT provider SolarWinds, a company that suffered a highly sophisticated, extremely targeted manual attack that was carried out by an external national state.

Cyber incident audits

Auditing cyber incident response and recovery

Cyber incident audits are becoming the best defence for cyber attacks, setting in place response and recovery plans to minimise risk.

UK property owning overseas entities

UK property-owning overseas entities face ‘severe sanctions’ under new rules

There is a critical deadline looming for UK property-owning overseas entities that could cost thousands in fines or even up to five years in jail if you do not comply.

Why invest in Andorra

Why invest in Andorra?

Our Spanish member firm, Kreston Iberaudit, has recently formed a partnership with Valgianni, an Andorran-based accountant and business adviser. Read our article if you are interested in finding out more about opportunities for inward investment.


Remote accounting and audit in 2022

How has technology and remote working changed the execution of accounting and auditing in 2022? We take a look at the sector post-pandemic.

Moving to the UK

Tax advice on bringing capital into the UK

The advice for bringing capital into the UK changed over three years ago. There was a window of opportunity for UK resident individuals who were non-UK domiciled to “cleanse” their offshore accounts so that they could remit funds to the UK free of UK tax