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professional scepticism

Auditors’ professional scepticism

Professional scepticism is an essential attribute of an auditor with a questioning mind and a critical assessment of audit evidence.

Information Provided by the Entity

What is Information Provided by the Entity and what should auditors consider?

This article answers some of the FAQs on Information Provided by the Entity (IPE), and when and how the IPE should be tested.

Doing business in North America magazine

In this issue of Doing Business in North America, we explore the Bahamas' shifting banking sector and upcoming crypto regulation, a horizon-scan of the audit sector by MHM's President and insights from CBIZ MHM's innovation leaders of future-proofing your growing business.

ESG in Canada

Canada ESG regulation; Bridging the gap

Canada ESG regulation has work to do. Canada has fallen behind EU regulation, but new standards coming into effect in 2024 will change that.

Investing in Canada

Investing in Canada 2023: Funding and risk management strategies are key to success

Investing in Canada in 2023 is an interesting prospect. The status quo is no longer a viable option within Canada, as the economic environment, with high-interest rates and inflation, access to both investment and government funding is far more competitive in 2023

US tax incentives

US tax incentives

The US tax incentives process includes four main components: Pre-Proposal Planning, Incentives Proposal, Tax Incentive Application and Multiyear Compliance Process.

Latino-Owned Business Services Team

CBIZ launches Latino-Owned Business Service Team

CBIZ has recently unveiled the Latino-owned Business Service Team, launched to meet the demand for Spanish-speaking accounting services that is driven by a sizeable Latino business community in the United States.

investing in the United States

Investing in the United States

With the promise of access to a large, open market, many businesses from around the world are interested in investing in the United States.

Leveraging data, automation and AI

Leveraging data, automation and AI for efficiency in business

In a busy economy, leveraging data, automation and AI is a transformative tool that can provide a competitive edge.

audit and adapting to change

Evolution not revolution: Audit and adapting to change

Andrew Gragnani, President of MHM, shares insights on the topic of audit and adapting to change.

Investing in the Bahamas

Investing in The Bahamas: Beyond the sandy beaches

Investing in The Bahamas, from a local perspective. Kreston Bahamas partners Sean Rolle and Pretino Albury give an overview of the economy.

Mauritania tax guide

Mauritania tax guide

EXCO GHA Mauritanie has produced a brand new 2023 guide for businesses, individuals, and tax professionals needing to understand Mauritania's tax structure.