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What are indirect taxes such as VAT, Sales Tax and Goods & Services Tax (GST)?

Indirect taxes, such as VAT, Sales Tax and Goods and Services Tax (GST) are added to the value of supplies of goods and services. These are collected by businesses and paid to the tax authorities. Direct taxes on the other hand, such as income tax and corporation tax, are collected directly from amounts earned and profits generated by individuals and businesses.

Indirect Taxes, VAT and Customs Duty advice for businesses trading globally

Kreston Global’s network of VAT, Sales Tax, Customs Duty and other Indirect Taxes specialists provide businesses with clear strategic advice and compliance support in response to the challenges they face around the world.  We have firms in over 115 countries that can assist you in understanding your compliance obligations in many territories operating potentially differing systems, whether that be VAT, GST or Sales Tax.

Our Global Indirect Taxes Group is led by Rupert Moyle of UK firm Kreston Reeves.  Rupert has significant experience in advising businesses on international trade and in coordinating the assistance they require globally.

How can we help you?

We can help you to be compliant and can provide you with advice on innovative solutions to facilitate trade. We very much work collaboratively amongst our network of experienced professionals and with our direct tax colleagues too as there is often a need to think about a number of taxes when solving issues. This approach offers you the best tailored ‘tax’ advisory and compliance service. Therefore, whether you are a single organisation that is established within one country and need local advice concerning indirect tax issues or, at the other end of the scale, a global group that wants a coordinated team of advisers to support the management of VAT and other taxes in multiple jurisdictions, we can help you in offering a one-stop-shop.

We can advise on:

Sales Tax, Use Tax
Customs Duties
• Other indirect taxes, such as Stamp Duty

We have indirect tax specialists in our Kreston Global network of firms that are present in 115 countries around the world. We would be delighted to discuss your business issues and requirements.

Key contacts

Rupert Moyle

Rupert Moyle

Chair, Global Indirect Taxes and VAT & Duty partner at Kreston Reeves

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Eduard Pavel 

Regional Director, Europe, Kreston Romania SRL

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Geoff Christian

Regional Director, North America, CBIZ MHM

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Luc Heylens

Global Technical Director, Kreston VDN

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Ankur Jain

Ankur Jain

Regional Director, Middle East, MMJS

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Enrique Pastor

Regional Director, Latin America, Kreston FLS

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Vishal Lahoti

Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Kreston SGCO

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