Our history

Our history

From the very first moments when Dr Gabriel Brösztl met Michael Ross in London, back in 1971, with an idea that would help his client grow across borders, Kreston had its clients’ needs and ambitions at its heart.

Over the years our network has grown culturally, collaboratively, technologically and geographically, until the present day – over 50 years on from those initial conversations – when we still hold close the values that have brought success for many over the decades.

Alongside other celebrations in 2021, it was a unique opportunity to reflect on our journey through history and acknowledge the people, events and milestones that have helped shape Kreston into the network we know today. This interactive timeline documents some of the key moments for the network, alongside significant historical events that have impacted the industry, with insightful contributions from a range of individual experiences and perspectives.

Special thanks to our contributors: Andrew Collier (Kreston Global, Director of Quality and Professional Standards), Dagmar Brösztl-Reinsch (Founding Firm, Kreston Bansbach), Edmond Chan (Kreston Global, Asia Pacific Board Director), Liza Robbins (Kreston Global, Chief Executive), Patrick Fournier (Groupe Fiduciaire Kreston), Professor Alnoor Bhimani (Professor of Management Accounting, London School of Economics and Political Science) and Rich Howard (Kreston Global, Chair).

1971 – 1981

Our humble beginnings


2 firms, 2 countries

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1981 – 1991

A decade of expansion

Margaret Thatcher

6 firms, 6 countries

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1991 – 2001

Digitally connected

The age of smartphones

14 firms, 12 countries

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2001 – 2011

Global growth, global crisis

30 firms, 27 countries

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2011 – present



101 firms, 62 countries

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