Our Sectors

Energy, Utilities & Resources

The energy, utilities, and resources sectors are facing significant transformations driven by several major trends. Beyond the urgent challenges of climate change, these trends include depleting resources, important shifts in the global energy mix, the rising pressure to achieve net zero, and the convergence of business models across various industries.

Climate change’s accelerating pace and severity demands immediate action from businesses to mitigate the worst impacts. Additionally, society must address the looming depletion of critical resources such as rare earth metals. Energy, utilities, and resources sectors are pivotal in tackling these challenges and steering the world towards a more sustainable future.

A comprehensive transformation in energy sources is required to address climate change effectively. This includes new approaches for transportation, heating, cooling, computing, and industrial processes. Delivering essential products and services will necessitate innovative uses of resources, exploration of new value-creation methods, and a shift from a linear economy to a circular one.

Kreston Global’s professionals possess the expertise to support your efforts in navigating these changes. Our services include:

  • Strategic advisory: Guiding businesses through the complexities of the energy transition, helping to redefine business models and market strategies to align with sustainable practices.
  • Sustainability consulting: Assisting in integrating sustainable technologies and practices, ensuring businesses can meet the rising pressures to achieve net zero.
  • Innovation and technology solutions: Providing insights into emerging technologies such as hydrogen and other alternative fuels, battery storage solutions, and the role of electric vehicles in energy grids.
  • Resource optimisation: Advising on the efficient use of critical resources, promoting a shift from linear to circular economies, and ensuring long-term sustainability.
  • Regulatory compliance and risk management: Helping clients stay ahead of regulatory requirements and manage the risks associated with the evolving energy landscape.

Emerging trends in the industry offer reasons for optimism. Business models across various sectors converge as the world transitions to green energy and renewable resources. Traditional fossil fuel companies invest in wind and solar power, evolving into integrated energy companies to support sustainability efforts. Hydrogen and other alternative fuels are gaining prominence, while automakers are becoming key players in the electricity grid through electric vehicle energy storage solutions. Information technology companies are also crucial for sustainability, leveraging data, analytics, and automation to enhance efficiencies across resource supply chains.

Kreston Global’s professionals can help you navigate these trends, addressing risks and opportunities to achieve your sustainability goals and drive long-term success.