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Our member firms are incredibly important to us and we focus very hard on ensuring they receive help and support for any enquiries they may have.

We actively facilitate global collaboration and nurture relationships within our Network by providing our members with a dynamic platform where business can be generated and questions – answered. Meet Kreston Kommunity!

Kreston Kommunity

Kreston Kommunity is an online hub, designed specifically for our members and continuously tailored to their needs. It is built on a Salesforce platform and provides easy and quick access to all member-focused information and activities.

Worldwide work referral system 
When our clients ask for help in another country any member can now create an instant referral for firms in that country and get a quick reply for their client – whether it is transfer pricing in Vietnam, internal audit in the United States or transaction support for a merger in France.

Database of members – for members
Any person with a profile on Kreston Kommunity can search for firms and contacts within our Network based on what they need most – be it a specific service line, country location, sector knowledge, language skills or a combination of those. Need a corporate finance specialist in the United Kingdom who speaks German? Using our Expert Search function, Kreston members can find their future business partner within minutes!

News and resources hub
Kreston Kommunity is the central place for all our latest news, publications, documents, policies, marketing and other information that our members can use both internally and in their interactions with clients.

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Member events and training

Our year-round programme of member events and technical training continuously delivers networking and development opportunities.

We offer many courses on auditing, reporting, international standards on quality management, updates on IFRS standards, ethics, taxation and guidance on governance and independence provisions. We also offer business development and client management training and our new Connected Leadership programme for firms who are succession planning, all through the Kreston Business Connections Academy.

Members can access training in a preferred format and language around the clock, or join our live events.

Upcoming events and training

Talent management and recruitment advice for member firms

All member firms are able to access advice and guidance from professional HR networks across our own membership, as well as secondment programmes and mentoring opportunities for Kreston people.

We also have partnered with ACCA to provide guidance on talent and career development issues and opportunities facing the profession. We will curate resources for you, drawing from ACCA’s global research and solutions portfolio. We will update and refresh these periodically as relevant new resources become available and in response to your emerging needs.More on recruitment advice

Meet the Member Services Team

Our Member Services Team is led by Katarzyna Grabarczyk, Head of Member Services.

Katarzyna Grabarczyk
Head of Member Services 


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