A guide to setting up a business in Italy

August 3, 2023

Kreston TDL Italy, a member of Kreston Global’s international network, has created a detailed 128-page guide to setting up a business in Italy. This guide is for anyone investing in Italy, to help you navigate the Italian business landscape.

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Setting up a business in Italy for success

The guide offers an in-depth analysis of various aspects integral to operating a business in Italy. It begins with an introduction to the country’s corporate and legal structures, including an exploration of different business entity forms. Subsequent sections delve into setup and liquidation procedures, the intricacies of mergers and acquisitions, and the responsibilities arising from corporate criminal liability.

Understanding taxes in Italy

Kreston TDL’s guide shines a light on Italy’s complex taxation system. Covering corporate taxes, business income, VAT, and individual income taxation, the guide provides an exhaustive exploration of main incentives, anti-avoidance measures, and withholding taxes. It also presents in-depth knowledge on VAT registration, returns, deductibility, and the mechanisms behind international supplies of goods and services.

Business laws in Italy

The guide further examines various legal aspects like customs, excise, import VAT, accounting procedures, filing requirements, and audit systems. In addition, it offers comprehensive advice on potentially challenging areas like transfer pricing, bankruptcy, reorganisation, debt restructuring procedures, and employment laws.

Local experts

The guide offers you invaluable technical insights from Kreston TDL’s team of experts, to help you make informed decisions and save time and money setting up a business in Italy correctly.

Established in 1985, Studio TDL is an independent Italian firm that specialises in tax, corporate and labour consultancy, and administrative outsourcing services. With a team of Certified Accountants, Statutory Auditors, and Labour Consultants, the firm caters to multinational companies and groups, capitalising on its long-standing relationships with major international professional firms.

The quality of Studio TDL’s services is driven by the team’s high level of expertise. They offer a wide range of services in tax, corporate, accounting, and labour matters, serving both local and international clients. This is supported by the latest methodologies and a vast network of international relations.

Studio TDL’s professionals are active contributors at conferences and trade magazines and are members of study commissions set up by relevant professional institutes in Milan. This engagement, alongside their in-house Study Centre, allows them to maintain current knowledge and develop best practices. As such, they can provide reliable support for even the most complex operations. Their in-depth understanding of the Italian business environment makes Studio TDL a go-to source for business setup and operations in Italy.

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