David Olivares Martínez
Managing Partner, Kreston Iberaudit

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David Olivares Martínez has been Managing Partner at Kreston Iberaudit in Madrid for almost 2 years. With over 20 years in the legal profession, working in networks such as Crowe and BDO, Martínez recently was included in the 16th edition of Best Lawyer in Spain™ 2024 in the Corporate and M&A category.

Successful M&A strategies in Spain

January 11, 2024

David Olivares Martínez Managing Partner at Kreston Iberaudit shares insight from 20 years of developing successful M&A strategies in Spain. David was recently included in the 16th edition of Best Lawyer in Spain™ 2024 in the Corporate and M&A category, making him well-placed to understand the nuances of buying and selling companies is more than just a business necessity – it’s an art form, particularly with a volatile M&A market in Spain.

“Corporate professional services in purchase and sale transactions are not just obligations but essential for our clients, especially given the growth in corporate transactions in recent years,” says David Olivares Martínez.

When to sell

Understanding when and why to sell a company is a decision layered with complexities. As David notes, “It could be due to a new competitor altering industry norms, the retirement of an owner, or the challenges of generational replacement.” These factors underscore the need for expert guidance in timing and strategy.

The process is far from formulaic. “Not all companies hold the same value or are sold in the same manner,” David remarks. Each transaction is unique, and influenced by internal dynamics, management styles, sector specifics, and market conditions. This demands a tailored approach, considering factors like speed, confidentiality, and price.

Investment groups

Investment groups, too, face their challenges. “Buying a company at the right time and price, understanding market synergies and strengths, these are strategic issues that require in-depth analysis,” David adds. This highlights the importance of expertise in guiding acquisition decisions.
Bringing all elements of M&A transactions under one roof offers value for money to the client, with the role of the legal team particularly crucial.

“They ensure compliance in various areas like commercial, labour, tax, and financial regulations, while also identifying potential contingencies that could impact a transaction. Our goal is to offer legal coverage in all areas, ensuring our clients always operate within the legal framework,” David emphasises.

Ongoing relationships

“Once a transaction is closed, our involvement doesn’t end. We continue providing services based on the client’s ongoing needs, be it legal, tax, or outsourcing,” says David, “This coordinated effort across all business areas ensures that we provide an optimal service focused on our client’s best interests.”

If you are looking for support with an M&A strategy, or are planning on doing business in Spain, please get in touch.