Join the International Climate Summit 2023 in New Delhi: Exploring the power of green hydrogen

June 13, 2023

Kreston SNR supports the International Climate Summit: sustainability through green growth

Dr J P Gupta Chairman of the Kreston SNR Board, India, will be the chair for the upcoming International Climate Summit: 2023, which explores the use of green hydrogen and other fossil fuel alternatives. The summit is scheduled to be held on 14 and 15 September 2023, in New Delhi. This event is set to bring together global leaders and experts to discuss the theme of “Sustainability Through Green Growth” and address the pressing issue of climate change. Register as a virtual attendant here.

India Led Global Climate Movement 2023: A New Pathway to Climate Change Mitigation through LiFE- Lifestyle for Environment

One of the primary objectives of the summit is to promote the India-Led Global Climate Movement 2023, which aims to establish a new pathway for climate change mitigation through LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment). By encouraging sustainable lifestyle choices, collectively a significant impact can be made on the environment and combat climate change effectively.

Green Energy Growth: Opportunities for Green Hydrogen, Bio-Fuels, and Renewables

Another focus area of the summit is exploring the best opportunities for green energy growth. The summit will explore the potential of green hydrogen, biofuels, and renewables in driving sustainable development. As an emerging powerhouse in renewable energy, green hydrogen offers a promising solution for reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to a cleaner energy future.

Join Virtually or In-Person: Prime Minister of India as Chief Guest

This international event will be conducted in a hybrid mode, allowing participants from all around the world to join virtually. With over 56,000 people already registered for virtual participation, the turnout of 100,000 attendees virtually is anticipated, along with 1,000 participants attending in person. The Prime Minister of India is expected to grace the event as the Chief Guest. Additionally, several important ministries, including the Ministry of Renewable Energy, Ministry of Environment, Invest India, NITI Aayog, among others, are lending their support to this summit.

Five Knowledge Sessions: Dr. JP Gupta as Chairman of the Summit

The summit comprises five knowledge sessions, each focusing on key aspects of sustainability and green growth. Dr JP Gupta is the Chairman of the Summit. Mahendra Rustagi, CEO of Kreston SNR, will also be a speaker at one of the five sessions.

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