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Purpose of an Audit Manager is to oversee and ensure that audit projects run efficiently and profitable from inception to sign off, by managing all the relevant stakeholders in accordance with the Firm’s policies and procedures. Also ensuring accuracy of the audit work for which you are responsible, to report to and support the Audit Partners, provide excellent client service and to develop those staff for whom you are responsible.

The Audit Manager further supports the Engagement Partner with clients’ commercial management and business development initiatives.


1st Line: Audit Partner

2nd Line: Engagement Partners


Under the supervision of the Audit Partner will have direct responsibility for a number of audit teams.


  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to prioritise
  • Ability to multi-task and be able to work on more than one engagement at a time
  • Attention to detail i.e. accuracy essential
  • High energy level
  • Good judgement
  • Decisive decision-making
  • Proven commitment to comply with regulations, policies and processes
  • Knowledge of IFRS / SME & International Auditing Standards
  • Sound business English in verbal and written communication
  • People management skills with coaching and mentoring capability
  • Ability to train and motivate junior staff
  • Good project management skills and deadline driven
  • Forward-looking with team-building skills


– At least 4 years’ experience in an Auditing Environment of which a minimum of 2 years in a management role


  • Write and passed APC
  • Successfully completed the SAICA Training Contract of minimum 3 years
  • Registered with SAICA as a Chartered Accountant
  • Ability to deliver work that requires flawless accuracy and correctness
  • Ability to work independently without being micro-managed


  • Assume full responsibility for large assignments falling within his/her expertise.
  • Supervise the engagement duties to, and the training of, personnel assigned to the engagement.
  • Supervise a number of engagements at one time.
  • Be responsible for personnel scheduling, compliance with due dates and monitoring time budgets of engagements.
  • Adequately review all working papers and completed reports for compliance with firm standards.
  • Resolve all problems before submitting the report for final partner review.
  • Communicate firm policies and technical information to accounting and audit personnel through individual or group meetings.
  • Motivate and assist staff in professional and service development.
  • Represent the firm in professional and service development.
  • Develop the firms’ reputation and own through conducting seminars, making speeches, writing articles and similar activities.
  • Assist partner with practice development and practice management.
  • Assign staff to the audit engagement, determining the number of staff and the level of experience required, thereby ensuring that the project is adequately staffed;
  • Negotiate overruns and budgets;
  • Oversee and ensure that all the project activities comply with the firm’s policies and procedures;
  • Perform function of principal client contact and take full responsibility for the client relationship and ensure that all queries are solved timeously;
  • Review the draft financial statements and ensure that they are IFRS/SME compliant;
  • Ensure that an appropriate audit report is issued;
  • Ultimate responsibility for bringing audit to completion, sign-off by making sure all the relevant finalisation/ completion documents have been completed, reviewed and archived in conjunction with the Engagement Partner;
  • Attend and facilitate wrap-up meetings;
  • Facilitate the client invoicing process;
  • Addresses situation before they come crises and develops solutions to avoid recurrence,
  • Providing additional help and guidance to clients on a consultancy basis (where allowed ito S90).
  • Participants in the development of ways to meet client needs, contributes to proposal delivery.
  • Undertake wider office activities, as required.
  • Train SAICA trainees in respect of assurance engagements with energy and commitment.
  • Develop SAICA trainees to become well-rounded professionals in the workplace.
  • Mentor SAICA trainees in achieving the professional competency level required for final sign-off.
  • SAICA Training Programme – act as a reviewer and evaluator.


  • 70% billable
  • 30% non-billable

The 30% non-billable time is expected to be used as follows unless otherwise stipulated in the performance contract;

40% People Development

35% Business Development

25% Firm’s Intellectual Property.

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