By Liza Robbins. Is your firm ready for the Coronavirus? The last few months have exposed just how vulnerable our

By Liza Robbins. Last month, Marie-Laure Delarue became EY’s first Global Vice Chair – Assurance. Her appointment brought the share

By Liza Robbins. “Liza, who do we have in the Ukraine?” Kreston Ioannou & Theodoulou, a firm in Cyprus, had

By Liza Robbins. Two Kreston firms… At opposite ends of the European continent… Both looking to uncover * why *

How we gave our firm purpose and mission

Wednesday, 29 January 2020 by

By Liza Robbins. If you walk into Exco Poland this week, you’ll find a colourful scene. The firm has literally

By Liza Robbins. “People used to be focused on doing their job. But now they see things differently. They’re here

By Liza Robbins. What makes Apple products so compelling and so popular? After all, they’re just computers, phones and smartwatches…

The deeper meaning of our work

Tuesday, 07 January 2020 by

By Liza Robbins. It’s that time of the year when people are thinking about the passage of time… Looking back

By Liza Robbins. We’re coming towards the end of the year… So just before we move on to new topics


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