By Liza Robbins. 200 years after the French Revolution, Mao Zedong was asked about its impact. He famously answered: “It’s

By Liza Robbins. “We’re known as the lucky country,” says Michael Goodrick, Partner at Stanley & Williamson, one of the

By Liza Robbins. “We’re born fighters – we’re Greek!” George Batsoulis beamed, when I spoke to him last week. George

By Liza Robbins. Katarzyna Grabarczyk, Kreston International’s Member Services Manager, was in a Teams meeting with partners at a Kreston

By Liza Robbins. How did Apple become so successful? Its technology isn’t any better than its competitors’. But it’s pushed

By Liza Robbins. One of my friends founded a company that was successful beyond her wildest dreams. It grew fast,

By Liza Robbins. How do you build a multi-million dollar company? You might imagine that you need to constantly innovate…

By Liza Robbins. We’ve got used to thinking of 2020 as ‘the year that changed everything’. I think that may

By Liza Robbins. 51 weeks ago, in the first week of 2020, I wrote an article reflecting on how our

By Liza Robbins. Christmas is almost here… …And if you’re celebrating, hopefully you’re as ready as you can be. But

By Liza Robbins. Early in his career in a Big 4 firm, Alex Koretskyi worked in a Shared Service Centre

By Liza Robbins. At the height of the pandemic, a large UK bank ran a webinar about managing finances. “The


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