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Outsourced Finance Director

Have you ever thought about the possibilities of an outsourced finance director as a financial service? For some companies, the insight and wisdom of an experienced finance director can often prove invaluable but, especially for newer or smaller organisations, it’s not always possible to bring in that level of expertise on a full-time basis. So what can you do? You can call on the team at Kreston Global to perform the role of your new outsourced finance director.

As with all our advisory services, our ethos is about being more than a third party. Our team strives to embed itself in your business – working with you, not just for you. We share in your objectives and help you to achieve them. An outsourced finance director can be the key that unlocks that potential – and it takes much of the burden off you as a manager or owner of a business. So could it be the solution that you need for your organisation?

What we mean by an ‘outsourced finance director’

The finance director (FD) is responsible for the oversight and management of your company’s financial situation. The duties of an FD include the reporting process, offering strategic advice, formulating policy, and managing financial teams. But that’s all very well when you can afford to bring one into a business. If you can’t, an outsourced finance director can be the solution.

It’s as the name suggests; a way to ensure that your business can realise the benefits of that experience and knowledge. The key difference is that you don’t have to deal with actually hiring someone. An outsourced finance director can come into your business on your terms – but still perform the duties as if they’re in-house. For owners or CEOs, it can be a truly invaluable arrangement.

How our finance director services can benefit you

Are you the owner, manager or CEO of a smaller business? Perhaps, you don’t have the resources that allow you to recruit an in-house FD? In either case, our finance director services can be a real benefit to you. At Kreston Global, we have a huge depth of financial and real-world know-how – and we can apply that to your organisation in the way that you see fit.

You might well be comfortable managing the financial side of things but what you don’t have will be that specialism that makes an outsourced finance director so important.

  • Better decision-making: What do you want to achieve as a business? Our finance director services can enhance the decision-making process to help you to get there.
  • Detailed, accurate reports: Your experienced FD will create accounts and reports providing the level of detail that you both want and need to take effective action.
  • Ensuring full compliance: Using their significant expertise, your outsourced FD is ideally placed to ensure that you’re fully compliant with all regulations or requirements.
  • Value for money option: An outsourced finance director lowers the cost burden on your business – particularly in terms of payroll, benefits and director remuneration

Why choose Kreston Global?

Do you think that you could benefit from outsourced finance director services? Kreston Global is the firm that’s here for you. Our level of experience and knowledge in financial advisory services is complemented by our commitment to the highest levels of service.

Our firms all meet the professional compliance standards in the countries in which they operate – as well as international standards such as the International Standards on Quality Control.

In addition, our outsourced finance director services are informed by a global network of more than 160 firms and the 25,000 specialists who work for them. We offer a unique, independent and forensic perspective on the finances of your business – equipping you to succeed.

Get in touch to find out more information – or become a member to access our global network.

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