A guide to setting up business in Serbia

October 16, 2023

If you are researching setting up a business in Serbia, then the latest guide written by Kreston MDM in Serbia is an authoritative resource. The guide offers insights into Serbia’s business environment, brought to you by Kreston Global experts from the region.

Serbia presents a dynamic market ripe for business opportunities. Whether you’re an ambitious entrepreneur, a seasoned foreign investor, or an expanding business, understanding the nuances of the Serbian market is crucial. “Doing Business in Serbia: A Comprehensive Guide to Tax and Accounting” aims to be your invaluable resource in navigating these complexities.

Read the doing business in Serbia guide here

Key Takeaways from the Guide

  • Legal and regulatory framework: Establishing a legal foothold is paramount. Learn about the laws governing businesses and the regulatory framework to ensure compliance.
  • Taxation in Serbia: Acquaint yourself with tax structures, rates, and essential regulations to optimize your operations.
  • Employment and labour regulations: Hiring practices, employment rights, and labour laws.
  • Cultural and business etiquette: Understand the cultural nuances and business etiquette to build lasting local partnerships.
  • Navigating international trade: Equip yourself with knowledge on import-export regulations, duties, and best practices.
  • Future outlook and opportunities: Get insights on emerging sectors, economic trends, and potential growth areas.


Setting up a business in Serbia, while promising, can be intricate. But with the guidance of Kreston MDM’s comprehensive guide, the path becomes clearer and the journey, more manageable. Take advantage of this resource to ensure your success in Serbia’s evolving business landscape.

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