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Event programme

We have an annual programme of regular member events on a global, regional and service line basis, as well as technical training across all accounting areas.

Hosted by our own member firms depending on location, our annual World and Regional Conferences are much-anticipated chances for members to reconnect. The pandemic has meant we have shifted most of our current programme online with much success, and we intend to retain some of this online approach for the future as we seek more sustainable ways of meeting and collaborating.

See below for some of our upcoming events.

Introduction to corporate fraud

Event date: 27 June

Event time: 13:00 UK time

Middle East Tax Conference 2024

Event date: 15 May

Event time: 10:00 UK time

The transformation of A.I. in the profession

Event date: 7 May 2024

Event time: 13:00 UK time

Asia Pacific Tax Conference 2024

Event date: 23 April 2024

Event time: 09:30 UK time

Europe Tax Conference 2024

Event date: 18 April

Event time: 10:00 UK time

Asia Pacific Conference 2024

Event date: 4-6 July 2024, Hanoi (Vietnam)

Latin America Conference 2024

Event date: 6-8 June 2024, Santiago (Chile)

Global Groups Conference 2024

Event date: 22-24 May 2024

Connected Leadership Programme 2024

Event date: May-November 2024

English for business – British Council

Event date: 01.01.2023

Event time: ongoing

Kreston Business Connections Academy

Event date: January - December 2023

World & EMEA Conference

Event date: 12-15 November 2024, Berlin (Germany)

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