Olena Nikolaieva of Kreston Ukraine Elected to the Board of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine

June 30, 2023

Kreston Global is pleased to share that Olena Nikolaieva, Director of Quality at Kreston Ukraine, has been elected to the Board of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine. This notable achievement was announced at the regular Congress of Auditors held in Kyiv on June 24, 2023.

Role of the Board of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine

The Audit Chamber of Ukraine is a self-regulatory organisation that oversees the national auditing profession. The Board plays a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing the standards of auditors’ professional activity, ensuring their independence, and promoting the development of the audit profession in Ukraine.

The Importance of Auditing in Ukraine

In the current challenging times, the auditing profession remains a key pillar of financial stability in Ukraine. The role of auditors in ensuring the reliability of financial statements is essential for both Ukrainian society and those who support the country.

Kreston Ukraine Audit’s Vision for the Future

Olena’s election to the Board is a great example of Kreston Ukraine’s ongoing commitment to the development of the auditing profession in Ukraine and contributing to the growth and integrity of the profession.

We congratulate Olena Nikolaieva on her new position and acknowledge her exceptional work in the field of auditing. Her dedication to upholding professional standards sets a valuable example, and we look forward to her contributions in her new role.

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