Kreston Albania hosts webinar programme to build business opportunities

June 14, 2023

Kreston Albania recently hosted a programme of webinars to establish business opportunities in Albania with four other network members.

Exploring business opportunities with Albania

The webinar programme was held in partnership with the Albanian Diaspora Chamber of Commerce (ADCC) with four members of the Kreston Global network. Kreston Albania joined the Albanian Diaspora Chamber of Commerce (ADCC) in December 2022 and was asked by the directors of the chamber to host an event that could provide insight into how to do business in the countries within the Kreston Global network. Respectively the webinars took place throughout June and were well attended and received.

Establishing business links with Kreston Global

Kreston Albania invited member firms keen to establish working relationships with Albanian businesses to take part. Each webinar was tailored to the country and the industry of the business owners that attended, with the programme focused on providing key information to the attendants regarding aspects of successfully opening and managing a business in Greece, Italy, Belgium, and the U.K.

Partner Ljubica Llukacej comments,

“We were delighted to see that other member firms of Kreston Global wanted to join us in this initiative that provided an excellent knowledge base for ambitious Albanian businesses. We had four strong Kreston Global members, who shared incredible insight on how to set up and manage a business in each respective country. I would like to that the teams from Hellenic Auditing (Greece), Studio TDL (Italy), Kreston VDN (Belgium), Kreston Reeves (U.K.) for taking part.”

Get involved

Due to the success of the events, Kreston Albania has reached out to other network members to connect new countries to the Albanian chamber to offer a second wave of webinars to Albanian businesses. If you would like to learn more about doing business in Albania, please get in touch.