Carbon Trade Exchange signs first Agreement in Australia with Kreston firm.

October 24, 2011

Carbon Trade Exchange signs first Agreement in Australia with Kreston firm.
Kreston member WPIAS Kreston’s member firm in Queensland has established Carbon Credit Corporation (C3) and aims to create multiple broker agreements with accounting firms throughout Australia. Firms entering the agreements will be able to measure a clients carbon footprint using CarbonView, a specialist carbon footprint software and will also be able to buy and sell carbon credits globally via the Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX).

This arrangement follows the completion of an agreement between CTX and C3 on the same historic day that the Australian Parliament passed the Carbon Tax legislation.

The clients of accounting firms joining the scheme will be able to trade carbon credits via their broker or directly with CTX. Businesses will be able to accurately assess their carbon emissions and offset them to be “carbon neutral” under the Federal Governments National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). They may also engage in carbon related customer loyalty programs similar to the carbon offset flights programs run by most major airlines.

The CTX-C3 agreement has been planned and developed over the past year and will provide businesses all over Australia the opportunity to use their trusted advisors and accountants to help them be part of and take advantage of the new low carbon economy in Australia.

Jon Lisby, CEO of Kreston International comments:

“It is excellent to see Kreston’s WPIAS associated with this ground breaking agreement. How auditors can give assurance on a company’s carbon footprint is a very topical subject globally”

For more information, contact

Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) – Wayne Sharpe 0412 147 697

Carbon Credit Corporation (C3) Pty Ltd – Malcolm Borgeaud 0411 875091

EcoView Global Pty Ltd (EcoView) – Fadi Geha 0411 141 065