Shibu Abraham
HR Director, Kreston Menon, UAE

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An experienced Human Resources Director who formulates and initiates talent management strategies to attract and retain exceptional people – providing an excellent work environment so that they work in tandem with the organisation’s business goals, which in turn results in client satisfaction and business performance.

Careers in mid-tier accounting firms and the race for talent

February 5, 2024

In a competitive market for talent, careers in mid-tier accounting firms are being positioned as a chance to fast-track and work on diverse opportunities, giving small and mid-tier practices (SMPs) a competitive edge. Shibu Abraham, HR Director at Kreston Menon in the United Arab Emirates shares his thoughts on this new power dynamic with the ACCA. Read the full article here, or the summary below.


Traditionally, larger firms held an advantage in attracting talent. However, market dynamics have shifted. SMPs now offer dynamic career paths, with exposure to diverse opportunities earlier in careers, allowing professionals to assume various roles within projects and earn the trust of clients.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted cultural shifts in the accountancy practice world, with increased flexibility and hybrid working becoming sought-after benefits. Smaller firms are adapting rapidly to market conditions, vying for projects that were previously reserved for larger counterparts.

Firm culture

Branding and company culture play pivotal roles in talent attraction and retention. Smaller firms invest in showcasing their brands, cultures, and commitment to career development. They offer unique staff benefits, nurture a relaxed yet productive work environment, and emphasize training and mentorship.

At Kreston, mentoring and feedback hold high value, creating a personal and informal environment for professional growth. Performance assessments occur more frequently and are project-based, acknowledging accomplishments along the way.

During interviews, SMPs can emphasise their progressive and modern business approach, personal development plans, agility, and dedication to exceptional client service.

While smaller firms may not always match the salaries of larger counterparts, mid-tier practices are approaching parity. Additionally, the path to partnership and ownership is more transparent and attainable at SMPs.

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