Charities COVID-19 Survey Report

August 9, 2021

Sector: Charities, Not-For-Profit and Education

Our UK Charities group have published a recent survey looking at the impact of Covid on the sector, and what the outlook is for charities and not-for-profit as we move into what looks like a more positive phase in 2022 and beyond. Whereas some parts of the sector were very badly affected, others saw revenues hold steady and even increase as the general public’s awareness of their contribution increased during the pandemic.

67% of the arts, culture and sports charities reported a reduction in income,  as did the private education sector who saw both a reduction in income and costs increasing as a result of additional PPE, cleaning costs and remote working technology. Remaining organisations’ income remaining steady, with 53% of charities seeing an increase in demand during the pandemic, and just 20% reporting a fall. More than 95% of respondents consider their charity to have been financially resilient during the pandemic, and almost 80% are happy with their current reserves levels. Going forward, over 70% expect an increase in demand from beneficiaries, with 30% anticipating a significant increase. 97% however feel they will be able to survive for the next 12 months.

Unsurprisingly, technology has played a large part in service provision, with 57% providing more services online.