Client success stories

D. Med, Germany

Sector: Life Sciences & Healthcare Healthcare is a privately owned healthcare company, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, and operating globally in over 20 countries as a provider of medical services and products with a focus on renal care, diabetes, and other aspects of medical care.

Our Swiss audit and assurance firm, Kreston a&o, led by Emre Özdemir, assisted in managing and accurately disclosing financial information across their extensive network of subsidiaries worldwide.

Thanks to Kreston a&o’s experience in managing a number of multinational organisations, Emre and the team were able to ensure accurate financial data reporting across the organisation. Through the implementation of efficient structures and processes, and working closely with many stakeholders, as well as legal compliance requirements, this complex assignment was delivered on time and has built a strong foundation for long-term success.

“I have had the utmost pleasure of a nine-year collaboration with Mr. Emre Özdemir and the audit team at Kreston, and I am thrilled to express my deep appreciation for their exceptional services. As Healthcare Group navigated the challenges of maintaining transparency, accuracy, and compliance within our unique international setup, Kreston provided invaluable insights that compelled us to adopt a proactive approach to internal controls. Their thorough evaluation of our financial statements during the annual audits instilled trust and confidence in our stakeholders, while ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.”

Aleksandra Uzunovska, Accounting Director, D. Med