Client success stories

Ministry of Healthcare, Slovakia

The Ministry of Healthcare in Slovakia covers 105 institutions, including hospitals, universities, regional health organisations and medical treatment institutes. It asked Kreston Slovakia to review and provide practical solutions in four core areas:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT structure and data sharing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Energy Management

The Kreston team was led by partner Andrej Aleksiev who organised specialist groups for each discipline. The Enterprise Architecture work looked at the overall structure and operation of the Ministry and then targeted three crucial departments. The focus was on creating better internal systems for sharing best practices, optimising processes and implementing a new energy management system. The results include reduced inefficiencies, greater collaboration between departments and stronger decision-making via better data governance.

Improving how the Ministry’s computer systems share data and work together involved analysing the current set-up and providing practical steps to achieve the IHE (HL7) standard. The successful project has led to better patient care through more accurate data, faster and more streamlined processes while reducing data entry errors. Another team looked at the Ministry’s cybersecurity and started by auditing every single institution in the Ministry. This revealed potential vulnerabilities and led to practical measures to minimise risks, strengthen data protection and a plan to enhance cyber defences.

The fourth area to be addressed was energy management within the Ministry. A detailed analysis identified energy-saving opportunities and substantial cost-savings. The work also highlighted ways to reduce the Ministry’s carbon footprint and integrate renewable energy sources.

L’ubomir Mihálik, Project Manager at the Ministry of Healthcare, says the whole project has transformed the Ministry: “The impact has been profound, with patient care and safety reaching new heights due to improved access to comprehensive and accurate data. “The Kreston team genuinely cared about our organization’s well-being and took pride in helping us build a resilient and secure environment for the benefit of our patients and stakeholders. The work with Kreston has also greatly improved our healthcare facilities’ sustainability and energy efficiency.”