Client success stories

Ping Identity Corporation, Bangalore, India

Sector: Technology, Media & Telecom

The US-based software company provides secure and convenient digital identity services for their clients’ customers, employees and partners. Ping Identity Corporation (Ping) was founded in 2002 and has offices across the globe, including India, Canada, the UK, France, Australia and Japan. Its many high-profile clients encompass 60% of the Fortune 100.

Ping acquired a software development company in India and decided to outsource the accounting, tax, GST, payroll and AP functions. The company was looking for an outsourcing partner with the right experience, skills and infrastructure.

Kreston Global’s Indian member firm, Kreston Rangamani, was chosen thanks to its global reach across various sectors and its streamlined, high quality service.

Kat McBride, Senior Accounting Manager at Ping, said:

“Kreston Rangamani is a powerful partner enabling us to perform our local operations seamlessly. They are experienced, intelligent, and strong advocates for our business. Simply put, we would not be as successful without them.”

Ananth Narayanan, Director at Kreston Rangamani, says:

“By evaluating the requirements and expectations of our clients, we provide a customised pricing structure, where the client pays for exactly what was used. Quality and time-to-market are the major attributes that make us a preferred outsourcing partner.”

Meera Murali, Operations Manager at Kreston Rangamani, added:

“We have been with Ping for the last four years and have built a strong relationship with their management team. Our team was able to sync with the Ping team quickly and were able to transition all the tasks smoothly within a short time span. The big advantage that we have is that our team quickly adapted to working according to Ping’s processes.”