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Kreston SNR leads the way in India

Sector: ESG

At COP 26, held in November 2021, one of the primary decisions was to reduce the global carbon footprint, by phasing out the usage of fossil fuels and increasing the usage of renewable energy. India made commitments at this meeting, including achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2070. The GOI has already issued guidelines for the large corporates (top 1000 companies by market capitalisation) to prepare Business Responsibility and Sustainability reports, effective from the current financial year, 2022-23.

Kreston SNR Advisors have positioned themselves as experts within their sector, promoting awareness of ESG and advising corporates regarding its framework—including policy formulation, implementation and reporting.

In the last year, Kreston SNR has been associated with many programs related to the environment, including International Climate Summit 2021 (New Delhi, Sept 2021) as a knowledge partner. Over 35,000 people participated in the summit, part of which were nine technical sessions by eminent speakers, including a few Nobel laureates. Along with many ministries under the GOI that partnered with the summit, Norway also showed its support as the country partner.

Kreston SNR Advisors has an advisory board with distinguished scientist Dr JP Gupta, as the Chairman, and other experts as members and are in the process of building a strong team with relevant experience to ensure the delivery of quality services.