Liza Robbins

“There are lots of great people in the accounting profession, but I believe where we are today is not just about the accounting industry. It’s about society and the global conversation. Greta Thunberg, Marcus Rashford – I admire people like this. They make us all answerable and they make people…

Rich Howard

“I would say that at each point in time, we were where we wanted and needed to be – and had the right players in place. The fact that we changed and moved in a different direction is not a reflection of where we had been or how we got…

Edmond Chan

“The future of Kreston certainly is bright. We have a proactive central office management team lead by Liza Robbins, the board and the special interest groups leaders are very enthusiastic. We will keep our pace with the changing world, maintain our professional integrity and persist to provide better services to…

Andrew Collier

“I think it’s going to be carrying on the legacy of firms and relationships –focusing on serving clients, increasing use of technology across distances. There are likely to be fewer international networks, perhaps more consolidation in the profession, which is why our strategy is so important in terms of profile…

Alnoor Bhimani

“What we’re confronted with today in terms of digital technologies far exceeds what we’ve seen before” / “the relationship evolving between digital technologies and accounting today far exceeds anything that we’ve encountered before. It’s essentially the biggest transformation in the history of business.”

Rich Howard

“We’re less concerned today about pins on a map, more concerned with the cohesion of members and the business they generated. And we’re focused today more (especially in light of recent circumstances) on adding value to clients and being much more advisory — a real big area of growth for…

The Covid-19 virus

The Covid-19 virus, first identified in late 2019, spreads, causing widespread disruption and trillions of dollars of losses as countries all over the world enter successive lockdowns.

Liza Robbins

“Adding Mozambique to the Kreston network demonstrates our commitment to expanding our presence and offering across Africa, with new firms in Tanzania and Zimbabwe joining us in the last year.”

Kreston gains representation in Mozambique

Founded in 1995, Kreston Mozambique (ex-Grant Thornton Mozambique) is a full-service audit, tax and advisory service including outsourcing, payroll and secretarial work.

Black Lives Matter

The murder of George Floyd by US police officer Derek Chauvin sparks worldwide protests against police brutality and institutional racism. The protests were a continuation of those arising from the murder of Trayvon Martin in 2012.

New headquarters

Kreston announces the move to new headquarters in the City of London. The news reflects the network’s growing prominence and the desire of its members to have a central office that matches the forward-thinking image of the network itself.

Liza Robbins

“I believe Kreston is one of the most commercial groups out there. We also have that cohesion – we really know each other. Shall I call my friends in Singapore or Belgium? I have their numbers in my phone. We’re the go-getting entrepreneurs who service go-getting entrepreneurs.”

Kreston has significantly added to its coverage in China

Kreston has significantly added to its coverage in China with the admittance of new members. Shantou Shante CPAs, a seven-partner firm ranked number one in Shantou City, and Hunan Jianye CPAs, headquartered in Changsha and with six provincial branches and 250 staff in Hunan Province.

Africa growth

Kreston significantly adds to its coverage in Africa after admitting a network of six independent members that will sit under the umbrella brand Kreston South Africa. Each firm will also take the Kreston name. The offices, located in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Jeffrey’s Bay, Johannesburg, Mafikeng, Pretoria and Stanger, comprise…

Rich Howard

“Around 2016-17, there seemed to be this evolution away from consolidation and globalisation, to more country-focused efforts. This changed the global dynamic. A focus more on ‘me’ happening around the world, which was a bit of a pull away from those convergence projects. I think it will start to come…

Donald Trump

Republican Donald Trump wins the 2016 US presidential election following a bitterly fought and divisive campaign. His tenure is characterised by, amongst other things, a low-tax low-regulation platform, two failed impeachments and an escalating trade war with China.

Transition to full Kreston branding

Kreston’s network in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, Kreston Iberaudit, completes the transition to full Kreston branding in 2017 after adopting all elements of the brand platform portfolio. Completely embracing the Kreston name, they say “We want to be More Kreston, Knowing you.”

Growth in Africa

Growth in Africa, as Kreston welcomes colleagues in Algeria, Cameroon and Congo. The network also cemented presence in Bolivia, Cambodia, Italy, The Philippines, Vietnam, and Yemen.

Continued focus on geographical coverage

Continued focus on geographical coverage in order to enhance the network’s service line capabilities. This was achieved by welcoming new member firms in Albania, Australia, China, Ghana. Israel, Italy, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Serbia, Singapore, Tanzania and Thailand.