Doing business in Africa

May 7, 2024

If you are considering doing business in Africa, Kreston Global is a top 10 ranking network in the region, with a significant presence spanning 28 countries, 27 firms and almost 1400 staff. The network has seen impressive growth, including the recent addition of two new firms in Nigeria and Uganda, contributing to the move from 12th to 10th largest global accounting network in the region for 2024.

The creation of a Kreston Global Africa Committee has augmented an already strong position, with the Committee focused on creating a seamless network in the region. With such a clear vision for the continent, Committee members and their colleagues share their vision for Africa for 2024, highlighting areas for growth, stability and investment.

With East Africa highlighted as the economic engine for the region in 2024, our experts in Ethiopia and Kenya explain what is behind the transformation and how significant investment in banking and telecommunications should ensure the economic boom lasts well beyond 2024.

Our experts also discuss “Green Africa”; Mauritania poised to move away from fossil fuels and towards green hydrogen, the sustainable policies driving change in Morocco and Tunisia and the diversification of Nigeria away from fossil fuels into manufacturing.

We take a look at the challenges South African businesses are facing at the moment, and how risk management can help clients achieve sustainable growth in a turbulent economy.
If you are currently exploring doing business in Africa, our experts, with a clear view of the region’s opportunities and challenges, offer critical insight in our latest regional overview.

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