Member events

Kreston Business Connections Academy

Event date: January - December 2023

Virtual business training

Kreston’s vision is to help deliver commercial advantage to our member firms. The Kreston Business Connections Academy is a virtual training centre that offers all member firms a variety of training and development courses and resources. As part of our purpose strategy, we have committed to helping member firms to grow through enhancing their employees’ skills and by connecting them with each other and the entrepreneurial business community.

Client-focused business skills training

The Academy offers programmes focussed on leading firms, leading and managing clients, business development and a range of technical, commercial and sustainability modules. The Academy provides affordable training at scale (much of it at no charge) to firms seeking to provide value to both clients and their employees in the following areas:

  • Leadership
    • Our new Connected Leadership programme launches in 2023. Aimed at partners and directors on a senior management track, delegates will form cohorts of learning, working together over a period of 8-10 months on individual and group activities, including 2 in-person workshops, peer-to-peer coaching, personal development, and self-guided learning.
  • Business Development and Client Management
    • Developing a business development mindset starts early in a professional’s career, building their reputation as an expert and business adviser that clients and colleagues want to do business with. We work with Kreston colleagues to help them develop their potential and their connections so that they can flourish and contribute to the success of their firm and their firm’s clients.
    • The course is a 4-step programme that can be taken on a linear basis or members can take a combination of modules as needed. Built around our worldwide competency and skill framework, certificates will be issued for individual modules. All four modules need to be completed to “graduate” from the Academy with a full Diploma!
  • English for Business Training
    • Training and development often require a level of universal English that can be a barrier to access. We have partnered with the British Council’s English Language division which provides English for Work online courses for anyone who wants to improve their business English. They offer a number of options, depending on level of English, availability and requirement. Click on this link to access the discount and sign up for either a 6, 12 or 18 week programme.
  • ACCA discount / Sustainability certification. We have partnered with the ACCA to ensure our firms around the world can prepare themselves for their sustainability journey alongside our ESG initiative. For more information please email our Marketing team. 
  • Professional skills training (via discounts offered with the AICPA and ACCA) including support for sustainability certification. Please go to Kommunity to find out more about AICPA discount here).
  • Technical Skills training – to access our extensive and free online technical training programmes provided specifically for members,  go to our Training page on Kommunity to watch previous courses or to find out what is coming up in the future.