Franck Parker appointed Chairman of Kreston

September 21, 2012

Franck Parker appointed Chairman of Kreston
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The 2012 Annual General Meeting held in Beijing saw Franck Parker installed as only the 4th Chairman of Kreston International in the network’s 41 year history.

Franck, the CEO of Exco France follows on from founder Gabriel Brösztl of Bansbach Schübel Brösztl, Germany: Ned Futter of Wiss & Co, USA and Clive Stevens of the UK.

Franck Parker began his professional life with Andersen before becoming CEO of the French network, Exco France with some 2,500 professional and support staff.

Opening the AGM, Franck congratulated Clive Stevens for his outstanding service (under a revised Kreston constitution, a Chairman may serve a maximum term of 6 years). Franck welcomed the new Board Members – Nigel Banks of Bentleys, Australia and Sunil Goyal of Singrodia Goyal, India.

Franck said “I want to thank the Kreston Board and our CEO for having faith in me and bringing me to this position. It’s a great honour”. Introducing the network’s strategy for 2012-2015 which is focused on building the global business, Franck said “We have the momentum to keep moving this great organisation forward and the wisdom to keep it moving in the right direction. This is an exciting time – not just for me but for everyone in Kreston”