Gabriel Brösztl retires as Managing Partner after 60 years

January 4, 2010

Gabriel Brösztl retires after 60 years.

Gabriel Brösztl, who co-founded Kreston International back in 1971, has announced his decision to retire as Managing Partner of Bansbach Schübel Brösztl & Partner GmbH (“BSB”) after a remarkable period of sixty years.

Dagmar Brösztl-Reinsch reports

“Our successful development to a position among the top 10 owner managed auditing firms in Germany would have been unthinkable without the visionary long sight, the motivating energy and activity, the caring and human leadership and the long time of work of Mr Dr. Gabriel Brösztl”.

Chairman of Kreston International, Clive Stevens comments:    ‘Without Gabriel Brösztl there would simply be no Kreston International. It was Gabriel’s early vision, leadership and drive that created our organisation 39 years ago. Gabriel was the chairman of Kreston for over 20 years eventually passing the role to Ned Futter and then to me. He has continued to serve Kreston as a Board Director and latterly as Director Emeritus. I have always been grateful for his wisdom and counsel. Kreston continues to thrive on the culture that Gabriel established “of doing business with people we know like and trust”. He is and remains one of my ‘accounting heroes'”.

Executive Director, Jon Lisby says:

I am sure that every member of Kreston International and the International Office team will join me in congratulating Gabriel on such a long and distinguish career. Kreston’s position amongst the world’s leading accountancy network is a testimony to his vision.