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Growth in Kreston Mexico continues

November 20, 2008

We are pleased to announce the admittance of three firms which will further strengthen the Kreston Mexico region:

  • CPAC Corporative of Professional Consultants, S.C
  • Villa Estrada Y Asociados, S.C
  • BS Soluciones de Negocios, S.C.

CPAC Corporative of Professional Consultants, SC:

Founded in 2005 this firm is based in Navojoa, ,  the fourth-largest city in the Northern Mexican state of Sonora and some 360 miles south of Arizona. The firm has over 20 years experience in audit, accounting and tax.

Villa Estrada Y Asociados, SC:

Based in  Mexicali, the firm offers audit, accounting and consulting services.


BS Soluciones de Negocios, S.C:

BS Soluciones de Negocios is a three partner firm providing audit, accounting and tax services. The office is in Ciudad Juarez , Chihuahua which is one the fastest growing cities in the world. All Partners are Ex Big Four.

For further information please contact The International Office.