Kreston firm leaders agree: government-backed Covid-19 support schemes have been effective

June 11, 2021

The range of support that businesses have received from governments around the world in response to the Coronavirus pandemic has been largely effective, according to key voices from across our network.

We recently conducted an informal poll featuring 41 of our senior leaders, of whom the majority (59%) stated that the schemes such as furlough, tax relief and emergency business loans have been “very effective” in helping clients weather the pandemic. The figure is even greater among EMEA-based respondents (63%), who describe such initiatives as “very effective.” Globally, only about 30% said that such schemes had little to no impact for clients, and about 12% said that clients had not utilised the available schemes at all.

Our leaders believe that the technology, media, and telecoms (78% of those asked), as well as life sciences (66%), are the sectors that stand in poll position to kickstart the global economic recovery. In contrast, manufacturing is not anticipated to be a major driver of post-pandemic growth (with only 37% believing in its potential). Only 15% of respondents said that the retail industry would play a significant role in the economic recovery globally.

Liza Robbins, Chief Executive of Kreston, said:

“Throughout this crisis, we have seen unprecedented levels of government intervention to stave off economic disaster across the globe, with schemes aimed at, and often succeeding in, supporting businesses and protecting jobs. These figures bear out in our conversations within the Kreston network, indicating that, despite the challenges, many schemes have often been successful – particularly across EMEA. With the worst of the pandemic’s economic impact hopefully now behind us, Technology, Media, and Telecoms, and Life Sciences appear poised to play an important role in the next phase of economic recovery and post-pandemic growth around the globe.”