Kreston continues climb in global rankings

February 1, 2013

Kreston continues climb in global rankings

As widely predicted, Kreston has progressed to 13th in the global rankings published by the International Accounting Bulletin in January 2013 achieving an 12% increase in aggregate fee revenues in 2012 to US$1,965m (2011 US$1,757m). Total staff numbers rose by 10% to 21,000.

Kreston CEO, Jon Lisby comments:

“Kreston has continued to perform well in a global economy which has still to shake off the fallout from the crisis of 2008-2009. We have maintained growth for all years since the crisis and our exceptional performance in this year’s rankings has particularly benefited from a robust member recruitment programme coupled with significant organic growth achieved by the Kreston China member firms in the Asia Pacific Region.