Kreston continues to build strength in China

February 7, 2012

Kreston continues to build strength in China

Kreston International has admitted Hunan Tianping Zhengda CPAs of Changsha.

The firm is located in Changsha (population 7m) in the Province of Hunan (population 66m) which is in South Central China. Changsha sits on a branch of the Yangtze River and is a major port handling rice, cotton, timber and livestock with processing plants for tea, tobacco and meat, together with a textiles and agri-chemical industry. The Economic and Technological Development Zone in Changsha includes high and bio tech industries and the city has attracted a significant amount of foreign investment.

The firm has 5 directors and a total of 156 professional and support staff covering the full service range with a specialist divisions covering engineering cost consulting and a project bidding/procurement agency. The firm is ranked 7th within Hunan Province and 91st in China and has participated in recent meetings of the Kreston China group. Kreston’s network in China now has a resource of some 2,750 professionals.
hunan tianping zhengda cpas aug 2011portal
Pictured is Asia Pacific Regional Secretary, Edmond Chan, with Kreston CEO, Jon Lisby,

Mr Heping Zhuo, Managing Partner of Hunan Tianping and his team