Kreston India conference 10-12 January 2018

February 1, 2019

Kreston International kicked off the new year with the annual Kreston India conference, hosted this year in Kolkata. The conference was well represented, with 27 attendees from 11 Kreston member firms.

Local host firm Kreston GPA warmly welcomed delegates to Kolkata. Kreston Director and Managing Partner of Kreston SGCO Sunil Goyal opened the conference, and Kreston CEO, Liza Robbins presented the new Kreston strategy with a focus on increased business opportunities for member firms.

The conference was made up of five sessions over the two day period, which included:
– Understanding Caseware
– Concepts of business and transaction structuring
– Outsourcing opportunities for chartered accountants
– Technological framework for risk based audit
– Case studies on structured finance

Comment from Liza:
“The Kreston India conference goes from strength to strength and is now a must attend event for all Indian firms and Kreston member firms with commercial interests in India. Kreston Indian firm are forging very close alliances and sharing process and best practice thinking to serve national and increasingly international clients.”

On behalf of all attendees, thanks are due to Ajay Agrawal, Ankita Agrawal and all the partners and staff of Kreston GPA for their warm hospitality and for showcasing Kolkata to the great enjoyment of all delegates.

The location for the 2020 India conference will be in Chennai and Kreston’s 2019 annual world conference is due to take place in New Delhi 27 November-1 December.