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Kreston International revenues grow by 21% in 2008

December 8, 2008

Kreston International revenues grow by 21% in 2008 

Aggregate fee revenues for Kreston International grew to US$2.065 billion in 2008, an increase of 21 per cent over the previous year.

Kreston International Executive Director, Jon Lisby explains

“We have achieved exceptional growth over the past three years moving from US$1.142bn in 2005 to US$2.065bn in 2008 an increase of 81%. This year’s impressive growth comprises 10% arising from the merger activity of our members and from the admission of new firms with 11% being the average global organic growth of member firms. It is now likely that the organic growth rate peaked at 15% in 2007 and the fall of 4% in 2008 is, to some extent, a measure of the initial impact of the global slowdown”.

Kreston International now offers a total global resource of over 20,000 professional and support staff and is represented in over 100 countries including the majority of the major cities throughout the world.   Jon continues:

“We remain focused on targeting appropriate firms to join Kreston in those locations where we continue to have significant gaps in our global coverage and we continue to seek to strengthen our representation in the areas where it is considered we have insufficient resource or breadth of service offering. We remain well on track to achieve a top ten ranking in many of the major global trading nations. Our strategy is aimed at sustaining and enhancing the quality, collaboration and cohesion of our member firms in providing transnational services to clients and continuing to build the value of international referrals”.