Kreston launches new ESG task force for member firms

December 12, 2022

Sector: ESG

As part of the new strategic plan, Kreston Global has launched an ESG Advisory Committee. The committee will be set up as a task force to help guide the network through key areas of ESG and sustainability focus.

The task force, which will be led by Kreston Global Board member and Senior Partner at member firm Kreston Reeves, Andrew Griggs, will comprise expertise from across the network.
Our task force members are :

Stuart Brown, Head of Technical and Compliance, Duncan & Toplis; Carmen Cojocaru, Managing Partner, Kreston Romania; Laurent Le Pajolec, Managing Partner and Board Member, Exco A2A Polska; Ewan McClymont, Director of Business Development, Bishop Fleming; Karla Pastor, Head of Sustainability, Kreston FLS; Ganesh Ramaswamy, Tax Partner, Kreston Rangamani; Mahendra Rustagi, Chief Executive Officer, Kreston SNR; Christina Tsiarta, Head of Sustainability, ESG & Climate Change Services, Kreston ITH; Pam Tuckett, Partner and Head of Education, Bishop Fleming and Sheree Harrison from CBIZ MHM.

The three areas are assessing the regulatory environment within which our member firms operate internationally; providing guidance for member firms to implement sustainability strategies, and developing ESG advisory services for clients.

The task force aims to begin to issue some guidance and support to firms by early Autumn and report back to the World Conference in Dubai in December 2023.