Kreston’s 1st Future Leaders Conference is a success in Berlin

October 3, 2017

Knowing Future Leaders

Kreston held its first Future Leaders conference in the centre of cultural and vibrant Berlin recently, attracting 60 delegates from 14 countries.

Following a welcome reception at the Hotel NH Collection, the one day business event opened with an introduction to Kreston by Kreston Chairman, Bent Kofoed and European Regional Director Dagmar Brösztl-Reinsch. Kreston CEO Jon Lisby then offered attendees an overview of Kreston, its history and strategy to date, emphasising Kreston’s brand values and the importance of forging new and lasting working relationships.

Split into groups, the icebreaker to the conference “Around the World Challenge” had a sailing theme and was presented by global yachtsman Alex Alley and his team from Eventus Training. Through a variety of fun and, at times, tricky tasks, the teams competed to sail a circumnavigation of the World, with a prize for the winning team.

The main session was presented by Tim Sayers from PDW Group and through a range of media, visuals, exercises and activities, Tim and his team facilitated an excellent mix of professional acting and coaching to cover:

  1. What does it take to be a great leader?
  2. What are the skills and tools that will enable me to be a great leader?
  3. What are my next steps as a result of the session?

Social aspects of the conference included dinner at Berlin’s famous and chic Sage Restaurant and a fun morning safari self-drive tour of Berlin in a Trabant, the iconic cardboard car. The conference closed with a traditional lunch at Zollpackhof, a 300 year old restaurant with a distinctive Bavarian flair.

CEO, Jon Lisby commented:

“We are delighted at the success of this Conference which was challenging for the participants but also great fun. I am sure we shall make it an annual event. It was excellent to meet our future leaders and for each of them to have the opportunity to meet colleagues from around the network – I’ve no doubt of the future value these conferences will generate”.