Kreston Bansbach identified as a top 20 business consultant firm in Germany

July 8, 2022

After a decline in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the consulting market shows signs of recovery. The 20 largest management consultancies headquartered in Germany reported average revenue growth of 16.6 per cent in fiscal 2021. In 2020, total revenues declined on average by 6.8 per cent – after more than 10 consecutive years of growth. The leading international consulting groups grew on average by 13.1 per cent in fiscal 2021 (2020: 1.6%). Current challenges such as the Ukraine war, rising energy and manufacturing costs, and related inflation have had little impact on the revenue guidance of the leading business consultancies: the German top 20 plan to grow by 15.4 per cent in fiscal 2022, and the international consultants by 11.5 per cent.

International firms dominate the German consulting market. The 17 leading international providers on the Lünendonk List generated an estimated global revenue of 136.4 billion euros in 2021, of which Germany accounts for 10.5 billion euros (2020: €8.2 billion; +28%).

The list of Lünendonk® 2022 “Leading business consulting companies in Germany” is attached in German. Consulting companies are presented with their respective total turnover and number of employees.

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