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Independent Business Review 

The modern business landscape is a challenging one. Risks and threats can emerge in different forms and from different sources. At times, the course that a company is charting may become hard to navigate. Banks and lenders could begin to have concerns about your financial position and the risks that it poses to them. In these situations, however, an independent business review is a chance to get an unbiased assessment that can offer much-needed clarity and confidence.

Kreston Global’s insightful independent business review services deliver real value where it’s needed. Are you searching for help with restructuring a loan? Is it time to revise aspects of your business plan? Do you want to know your options? Perhaps you’re a lender looking for a full analysis of a borrower’s current situation. On both sides of the relationship, let us draw on our depth of advisory know-how and expertise to identify issues and develop appropriate solutions.

What is an independent business review?

As the name suggests, independent business reviews (IBRs) are a thorough assessment of an individual company’s current (financial) situation. It’s done by a third party with no connection to either the business or the stakeholder who asks for it. As such, it means that the findings should be honest, impartial and transparent – with no vested interests either way.

One thing to note is that an IBR doesn’t mean a business is at risk of imminent failure. It won’t be a standardised process either. It’s entirely unique to each business that undergoes a review. And what it does is provide all parties with much-needed information.

For a lender, it can provide cash-flow projections and profitability forecasts that can then inform future funding decisions. For a business, it can identify areas where improvements are needed – and potential solutions. It’s typically the business that’s being reviewed that pays for that IBR – no matter who requests it. Even so, the long-term outcomes can make that worthwhile.

How an independent business review can benefit you 

Of course, the cost of independent business review services can be off-putting. We appreciate that it can be even harder to justify the cost of a review if your business is facing a tight budget. However, it can also be a chance to turn the process into a positive with healthy long-term outcomes.

Here are some of the reasons why independent business reviews can be helpful:

–      A business can reach a new working agreement with its lender

–      It can help a business to create an appropriate restructuring plan

–      It delivers a full oversight of a business’s current financial health

–      You’ll get much greater clarity over what your next steps will be

–      It’s a chance to assess the market and competitors’ performance

Above all, an independent business review can unlock a brighter future for your business. Our team of specialists can provide the commentary and analysis that you’ll find most useful and, from that, we can work with you to put in place solutions that deliver on the review’s findings.

Why choose Kreston Global? 

Don’t leave the fate of your business to chance. Kreston Global’s advisory teams are on hand to help you to succeed – no matter the challenges that you face. Our IBR services are rooted in our finely tuned skills and expertise in supporting those companies looking to survive in difficult times and then thrive in the good times. Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures that we can achieve exactly that.

We offer a network of 160 financial and advisory firms in more than 115 countries – all of whom meet the respective compliance standards of their nations. We also adhere to core international standards, which is underpinned by a globally coordinated monitoring programme.

We designed our independent business review services to be totally impartial, forensic, insightful, comprehensive and beneficial. Get in touch with us today and discover how we can deliver you value and transparency. You can also become a member – opening up access to our global network of more than 25,000 accounting specialists. Wherever you are, we can assist.

Client success stories

Letisko M.R.Štefánika - Airport Bratislava

Letisko M.R.Štefánika – Airport Bratislava, a.s. (BTS), Slovakia

Letisko M.R.Štefánika – Airport Bratislava, a.s. (BTS) owns and runs BTS Aero International Airport in Bratislava which is the largest of the five airports in Slovakia with more than 550 employees. BTS asked Kreston Slovakia to review its operations and work out how best to deploy its employees’ skills across multiple areas.

GATE, Slovakia

GATE is a popular fashion brand based in Slovakia and operates online stores across eight European countries. The company wanted to automate the supply and transaction processes in all of its e-shop locations. The management at GATE instructed Kreston Slovakia to carry out the work, with the team led by Vladimír Bartoš and Július Činčala.

Ministry of Healthcare, Slovakia

Ministry of Healthcare, Slovakia

The Ministry of Healthcare in Slovakia covers 105 institutions, including hospitals, universities, regional health organisations and medical treatment institutes. Kreston Slovakia reviewed and provide practical solutions in four core areas.