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IT consulting and cybersecurity services  

IT – information technology – has become the backbone of a business. From smaller start-ups to the largest corporations, systems and software are used on a daily basis to enhance all aspects of your organisation. Using technology is not without its challenges however, security, ongoing change and increasing expectations can all weigh heavily on a company’s IT considerations. It can be hard to keep on top of matters – but that’s where our IT consulting services can help.

Are you scoping out a new system? Unsure about which options to choose? Need guidance with implementation and staff training? Our holistic and strategic IT consulting services are designed to inspire confidence. The installation or upgrade of systems and solutions is meant to benefit a business, not hold it up and tie it in knots. That’s why we can provide a full package of IT and cyber security consulting services to ensure that your immediate and long-term needs are met.

What do our IT consulting services include?

Our scope as IT consultants and service providers is a broad one. This is because IT is now such an integral part of how a business operates. Staff and service users have many touchpoints that are facilitated by a myriad of systems and software. That’s why we make our IT consultancy services relevant, topical and scalable to meet the complex and unique needs you have.

Information architecture

It is one thing to embrace technology – but it’s another to implement it in the most effective or appropriate way. As part of our IT infrastructure consulting services, we bring a fresh set of eyes to the situation. This lets us create an efficient strategic plan to best serve your business.

The process involves drawing on our experience of the latest (and legacy) solutions – as well as newer technologies that can enhance your business. It also includes ensuring that whichever approach is taken is logical, user-friendly and value for money.

New tech 

Are you tempted by some of the latest advances in technology? As above, our strategic model is designed to ensure that the correct options are leveraged at the right time. Our IT consulting service can help you to identify potential opportunities in this space. Could augmented reality (AR) serve a purpose for your business? Or 3D printing capabilities? We can help with providing the answers.


Over time, the choice of business software has grown significantly. It is a competitive market in which various suppliers are vying for sales, but that can build confusion and result in conflict when your business is looking for its preferred solutions. We can offer you a full appraisal of the many options available to you as part of our consulting and IT services.

This includes – but is not limited to – the compatibility of new software with existing systems, or the ability of a software choice to meet the needs of the end user.

Cyber security

The matter of security is of the utmost importance. A UK government report found that 39% of UK businesses reported a cyber-attack during a 12-month period. That figure gets even more worrisome as there are fears within the report that companies with minimal protection may be under-reporting.

At Kreston, we deliver high-quality cyber security consultancy services to businesses. It doesn’t matter if you have existing protection in place or are new to this subject; we can advise you on the best course of action to protect yourself against unwanted and malicious activities.

Why choose Kreston Global? 

 IT and cyber security consulting services are critical to any successful business. Kreston Global is on hand with the insight and expertise that you need to enhance and protect your systems. It’s a part of our broader advisory services, which are all delivered with one aim: to help you to get the most out of your business. And there are several reasons to trust us with this responsibility.

Our team of experts are vastly experienced at providing in-depth IT consultant services. We’re trusted by organisations large and small to meet their technology needs. Not only that but we can also source a dedicated specialist should the need arise when working with you.

If you would like to know more about our IT consultancy services, our team are here to help – simply get in touch with your queries or challenges. You can even go one step further and join us as a member. Doing so gives you access to our unique global network that spans more than 115 countries, 160 independent accounting firms, and 25,000 skilled advisory specialists.

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