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Corporate governance audit

Organizations are required to assess how well-established is their corporate governance audit framework and assure the quality of the board performance.

Corporate governance audit frameworks

The corporate governance advisory service assists organisations, boards, audit committees and management, to strengthen corporate governance frameworks. Our team of professionals are well versed in the fields of auditing, business administration and law.

Our corporate governance audit services

Our services include:
• Audit and assessment of corporate governance and corporate performance and effectiveness of the board of directors and committees
• Procedures for corporate governance, board of directors and its committees.
• Consultancy service to the board of directors and guidance in decision making
• Relevant professional lectures and presentations offered to directors

Why choose Kreston Global?

Our experience, expertise and professionalism enable us to customize our services to the needs of the client as well as to the different market sectors. Get in touch today and talk to us about your corporate governance needs.

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Client success stories

Kreston SNR ESG Climate Change

Kreston SNR leads the way in India

The entire world is working towards various solutions to avert the crisis that
could, one day cost us all of human existence, even: Climate Change. At COP 26,
held in November 2021, there was consensus on many action points that were


Lion Cashmere Midco Ltd, London, UK

The DMC Group’s main business is the manufacture and distribution of yarn and embroidery products. Kreston Global UK member firm, Kreston Reeves, supports British firm Lion Cashmere Midco.