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Enterprise risk management (ERM)

An effective enterprise risk management program identifies and quantifies all risks—not just compliance-related risks—and establishes formal, end-to-end risk management processes. Because ERM covers a wider spectrum of risk, a robust ERM program allows you not only to mitigate or avoid losses but also to facilitate critical decision-making by evaluating uncertain events that could positively affect your business. ERM will also help you identify emerging risks more quickly and improve the capabilities of the risk management system to handle them.
ur ERM consulting teams assist you in adopting an enterprise-wide approach to analyzing and prioritizing risks and aligning them with your business strategic goals.
As part of our risk management services, we offer the organization to implement all the required actions, including:

• Locating, mapping, analyzing and rating the various risks in the organization
• Building the Organization’s Risk Map (HEAT MAP)
• Assisting management and the Board of Directors in determining “risk appetite” and formulating a “reduction plan”
• Development of the conceptual framework for risk management in the organization and its integration among the various units
• Determining a comprehensive risk management policy in the organization
• Formulation of risk indices (KPI’s and KRI’s – statistical, business and operational results indices that indicate a change in the profile of activity or risk)
• Establishing work procedures and guidelines for the implementation of the risk management policy

ERM services include:
• ERM implementation and optimization
• Board and committee evaluation
• Governance and corporate culture
• Facilitated risk assessment
• Business continuity and disaster recovery

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Client success stories

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The entire world is working towards various solutions to avert the crisis that could, one day cost us all of human existence, even: Climate Change. At COP 26, held in November 2021, there was consensus on many action points that were proposed.


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