Indirect Taxes

Geoff Christian

Regional Director, North America, CBIZ MHM

Geoff is a Senior Managing Director and the National State and Local Tax Practice Leader at CBIZ MHM.

He has been in his current role for 10 years and before that his experience includes for a number of years within a Big 4 accounting firm and in industry in the retail/hospitality sector.

Geoff has been a participant in the VAT/indirect taxes group for a number of years, having presented to the group on US Sales Tax in Zurich in 2018.  Since then, having raised awareness of catches for overseas businesses trading with the US he has developed a number of client relationships through European Kreston associates.

Geoff took the North American role saying:

“From my experience in the European VAT group, I’ve realised the benefit that raising awareness of US Sales Tax can have in business generation.  If others are prepared to join us and talk about the local issues that foreign businesses may have in their country I am sure, in time, they too will see an uplift in indirect tax work and in cross-selling other accounting and advisory services.  Success for me has been about putting in the effort and being persistent, which has led to work and fees.  I’m looking forward to developing a regional group that continues to raise awareness of local issues and identifies issues for our own clients abroad; there’s got to be many more referral opportunities out there for us.”